A portrait of a child. Graphite on paper, 5” X 7”.

Fun with a Drawing Tablet

SBLeftEyeIV copy

I’ve been working on this one for a little while on and off again. One day I sat down and decided to practice portraiture a bit and worked from  photograph of Sitting Bull. I struggle with individual character and planar analysis. I’m beginning to enjoy the tablet more each time I use it while at the same time I am aware that the major drawback a drawing tablet has is the simple fact that is must be attached to a computer to work. The advantage, on the other hand, is the sheer plasticity of a digital drawing. Unlike traditional media which is limited a certain amount of reworking, I can go back into the drawing endlessly. (Sometimes this is not such a good thing when it is difficult to know when to quit.) I think it was Da Vinci who said, “no work of art is ever finished, it is just abandoned at some point in time.”

Portraits, one of the artist Saelee Oh

‘Thought I’d post a couple of sketches completed the 17th of February. That evening I felt like drawing but had little specific inspiration so, on a whim, I thought I’d work a bit on a couple of portraits. Both are fine examples of why a person should check their proportions before working through the drawings! Oh well, lesson learned (and likely doomed to be repeated as some point in time). The first is a generic soldier as the war in Iraq is seldom far from consciousness and the second is a portrait of Saelee Oh taken straight out of an edition of Juxtapoz magazine. No particular reason for choosing that picture for a study other than the overall color of the photograph.